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Saturday, September 24, 2011

well another birthday down!

I cant believe my little Andre is 8! I remember going to get Ben in Ukraine and this toothless droooling little boy tugged on my shirt and grinned up at me. he is still awful darn cute! The kids get to choose where they would like Mama and Papa to take them to dinner on their birthday. Andre, a boy after my own heart, wanted to go to McDs and have a happy meal. He enjoyed his meal very much. It was rather strange for Eric and I to be able to sit across from each other and actually speak to each other and attending to one kid. Andre must have also been missing the presence of his brothers and sisters because he didnt play very long in the play area. there were some kids there but they were loud obnoxious and inappropriate. He just wasnt all that interested in playing. I kept calling him Lil Bub. My husbands family calls him Bub, thus Andre is Lil Bub. Not really a stretch cus I call him Lil Bit already. He was very cute and animated with his new happy meal toy. but he was very nervous going out in the dark. and VERY nervous walking from the garage to the house when we got home.

We took some pictures and sang happy birthday and gave him his gift. I dont know what he was expecting but I was right on when I said no matter what I get he will be disappointed. I have learned this lesson well with AJ. but I am proud of the tact he showed when his face said it all. He could have melted down and/or complained.cried/carried on. He did none of those things He thanked me and came to me afterwards to hug me and tell me thanks. No one told him to. he just did it. I am very proud of him. So now my little tiny Andre is no longer 7. no longer one of the triplets. now he is 8 with Diana. but no worries, Next month Ben will be 8 and then we will have three 8 year olds instead of 3 seven year olds. = )

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  1. Hi Children do grow up. I am sure you are enjoying every minute of it. Pat