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Monday, September 26, 2011

another day another....appointment

seems all I do is run to appointments. fly to philly for appointments. run to dentist appointments. run to doctor appointments. run to AFO appointments. run to grocery store. run run run. I am so tired from all the running and the lack of sleep at night.

We leave Thursday for Philly again. Ben Sophie and myself. At least we dont have to drive two hours to the airport now. but we also wont have nonstop flight. I look forward to Philly trips. its rather relaxing taking care of only two kids. Of course it means I am the only one to take sophie potty but it also means I dont have to chase anyone down or listen to anyone's sass. Sophie occasionally gets sassy but generally not and Ben NEVER is sassy. Ben is a sweet little boy. innocent and a but tooo intent on being helpless but very sweet and knows right from wrong. AND! I usually get to read a book on the plane. nice huh?

Sophie and I will go back to Philly again on Oct 10. Her surgery is Oct 12 but was previously scheduled Oct 11. so we end up with a day to mess around. I think we will go see something. must be something to do in Philly. Now if I could just find a stroller. I thought I had one all worked out but it turned out to have inflatable tires and that at the plane the tires would have to deflate. bleh. I am running out of time on this! I cant believe there isnt a single stroller anywhere in the area that would work for me. I put an ad on craigslist, and also on freecycle, and a moms group. I have been to goodwill salvation army. There is a second hand kids shop but she mostly sells clothes. not equipment. Wondering if we can rent wheelchair of some sort that wouldnt be as difficult as the one Alexis was given for Laelia. well time to go make some calls and make some more appointments and get sophie dressed and ready to go for todays appointments since she doesnt have school today she has to come with.

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