A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

life is crazy here

we had a scary evening last night. We had a busy day and busy afternoon and time got away from us. Dinner was very late. We cooked some polish sausage on the grill. Maia choked on hers! but after Daddy yanked her from her seat(no easy feat as she is getting so big!) and did the heimlich she was able to breathe again. so scary! She has always been the one to make us shake our heads in wonder how she makes it through the day. She dances she twirls she climbs she falls. she just dances along and never has the foresight to see the dangers and falls into them every time. and somehow she escapes major damage and continues dancing. But last night evern Maia was upset. she sat with her big sister for a long time afterwards before going back to her food. I made her cut it up before eating and she was fine with that. She started the day yesterday by falling down the stairs. her socks slipped while she danced down and down she went. so poor Maia had a heckuva day yesterday. Today she seems unphased. thank goodness for that.

In other news life here remains busy! even with kids in school! it seems there are doctor or dentist appointments or other errands that must be done and I never get a day off! I was supposed to get a break when they went to school! Where's my break? I WANT MY BREAK! I guess I will get my break when we go to Philly at the end of the month. Should be a pretty painless visit. thank goodness for that, since the next one in October is a biggie!

It is fall big time around here. leaves are turning. leaves are falling(even before they turn!) and there is a serious chill! Going to have to start up the fire place pretty soon. or turn on some heat! We usually try to wait until october or even november to turn on the heat but I dont know if we will make it this year!

Well it is time to get Sophie dressed and go run our errands for the day. change of address on license, buy dog food, maybe hit goodwill for a table for my laundry room(not to mention I have boxes of stuff to drop off there!)

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  1. Hi I love the fall in PA the countryside is beautiful. Pat