A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so begins a new year of fighting for services for Andre

he cant keep himself safe. he doesnt learn from consequences. he has short term memory loss. after a full year of Kindergarten he still doesnt recognise MOST of the letters. not just mixing up b and d and things like that. he truly doesnt know MOST of the letters. he has the IQ of a four year old, and is expected to do first grade 8 year old things. he just plain cant. not without extra support. he is now getting title one, except that means he misses more classroom lessons that are then sent home for me to do with him. he. needs. help. damn the government guidelines that keep him from it. four year olds are not sent to first grade for a reason. they arent where they should be to do first grade work without constant guidance. and yet if you are are physically 8 and function at 4 you are expected to do it all. that isnt right. it isnt fair! and they say why do you want to evaluate him again if they just did this last year? WEREN"T YOU LISTENING? HE NEEDS HELP! and I will keep hounding and fighting until he gets it! he WANTS to learn. he is MOTIVATED to learn. he just isnt ABLE to learn the way other kids do. sadly without SOME diagnosis I dont think we are going to get anything for him there. and the proposed law that nonfluent readers after 3rd grade are not promoted? (did that pass? I dont know) thats insanity! you wont help him and yet if he is UNABLE do it himself he will be punished? thats not fair!

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  1. Hi I am sad about Andre. He may need a special school to attend. Do you have charter schools who specialize with helping special learners. Pat