A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fas Fun

well andre was up bright and early this morning. at 430. after he peed his bed he got hungry. so he snuck in the kitchen and ate half the cheese. but then he couldnt see so he lit a candle. with a romantic glow he ate half of a large loaf of banana bread. at some point he must have been cold because he tossed some paper(I hope it was useless paper and not important paper) into the fireplace. skittered back to his bead with crumbs on his lips when he heard me on the stairs. so I am up. for the day I guess. I really HATE starting my day at 430. its bad enough having to get up at 530. I have sophie home today and she nags me every 5 minutes is I try to sleep. besides her AFO is busted and I have to go downtown to get that fixed as well as the pharmacy to get meds. good thing anyways since the house smells like smoke now.

I guess I will have to take the matches to bed with me now. that doesnt keep him from tossing things into the fire. time to buy a new alarm for his door. I need a threshhold alarm. so if he crosses the sensor it lets me know. so far we have only tried wake the entire house alarms. Ethan slept all night but not Andre. if Andre sleeps all night, not Ethan. he is a famous midnight snacker and gets into things too. FAS anyone? so much fun! NOT! and why when I take them to the doctor and say they dont sleep, they just nod and smile and refuse to prescribe anything? I need sleep to function!!! so last night since we went out, I got a whole four hours sleep before Andre started his crap. only 4 more hours till he goes to school. where he doesnt know 17 our of 24 letters and smiles sweetly at his teacher and she is sure he will do just fine.

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