A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


4 envelopes arrived from citizenship. 4 envelopes addressed to Natasha Diana Jaeger Andre. Inside Jaeger's was Jaeger's COC. Inside Natasha's was Diana's COC. Inside Diana and Andre's envelopes were two other children from various parts of the country. We have recieved word that Natasha's was sent to wrong family. they are sending it on. Their child's is missing still. We have no idea where Andre's is. I was able to contact the family of one of the kids whose COC we got. they were very happy to know I had it. The other family I was unable to contact but will send it on to them. now where is Andre's COC? and I wonder if the family of the child whose COC we have got another child's COC. this is a huge error. not only one person had their papers screwed up but no less than 5. 6 if you count Diana's but at least it arrived at the wrong house even if under the wrong name. you have to wonder how many others are sent to wrong places. we jumped all the hoops. we paid all the fees, and we expect our reward to be that for which we paid for. instead we get a runaround. You cant actually speak to anyone at USCIS. only listen to a million different messages. so we have one little guy with no COC, no lead on his COC. one COC en route from wrong family. two COC's enroute from our family to correct family. another family with one little guy with no COC. and two COC's arrived in order to correct family, albeit under wrong name. so 2 out of 7 is not a good ratio of success. Sorry Homeland Security you guys are not doing such a hot job.


  1. What a mess! Is there any way you can send us the names of the families that you received their certificates so I can contact them and see if they have ours? jillrhode@cox.net

  2. http://foto.meta.ua/imgview.php?fid=387146
    Thought I might as well forward these pictures to you too. The accompanying article reads, "Nastya (Anastasia) has just had surgery and is still in casts...she's a normal and very bright child!" (I promise I'm not SEARCHING for photos of your kids...there are just a lot of pictures/articles about this particular orphanage out there!) Thought you'd enjoy. :) CL

  3. yes yes! thats her! thank you! not sure how you found it but GREAT! I came across some photos someone had taken while visiting in Ukraine and sure enough there was sophie as an infant. she really is amaaaaazing Sophie just like she says.