A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, October 10, 2010

so we are in Philadelphia again. flights were fine. kids were fine. When we got here my new friends picked us up at the airport and delivered us to RMH at Erie and Front.(thanks friends, had a great time visiting) This is supposed to be bigger nicer etc. than the one in Camden. I am not convinced. but I am here. so I guess I will stay. but next time I think Camden. Maybe we just got a dull room but it is not at all the haven that we found at Camden. Our room at Camden was so cute and painted soothing tones. This room is similar to a hotel room, painted eggshell. headboards attached to the wall like hotels. has table and chairs and dresser. the nice big bathroom is nice and handicap accessible but we cant really use the shower with the kids in casts. There is the added bonus of tv in our room but how much time can you spend watching tv? but oh well its a roof and a meal and it serves the purpose. But I think next time I will go to Camden. anyways I am hoping NEXT time someone else will be here too. Wonder how many more times we will have to do this. and how much plane tickets are going to cost since the company that has flown us here thus far is outsourcing and the new company isnt responding to my calls.

well since we have the whole day before us with nothing to do I am going to have to go find something for us to do. the sun is shining it looks gorgeous out, the window is open a bit letting in some breeze. surely there is SOMETHING in this GIANT city to entertain us for the day.


  1. Temmy,
    We receieved Natasha Jordan's certificate for the Citizenship today instead of our son's. We called and of course they know nothing and want us to send it back to them and then resubmit and pay again to get our son's. Well I think it would be much better to just send it to you. I am hoping that you get ours. My husband left a message at your husband's office but I thought I might get to you faster this way.
    Jill Rhode

  2. my husband did get the message at work and thank you so much. we recieved two boys certificates in 2 of our childrens envelopes. two boys NOT ours. Natasha's envelope had Diana's COC. Andre and Diana's envelopes had the boys we dont know. we didnt bother with uscis will just forward them on. sorry we didnt get yours. PAY AGAIN? are they nuts? call your senator! thanks again for sending Natasha's COC.