A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, October 24, 2010


changing the name of my blog from a dozen good eggs to "a brawling brood". There was much nashing of teetht oday and much storm and drang. even a bloody nose because one boy popped another. Jaeg is having difficulty with taking things that dont belong to him. he thinks if he tucks them in his bed they are his and his alone, even though he took them from someone else! today he filled his pockets with random stuff. scissors, tape, my mini cam, a deck of cards, just all kinds of stuff. It is amazing his pants stayed up they were so full of crap. he has been downright defiant of late and today he got into it with Eric. Eric does NOT put up with that stuff. he was nicer after that. He continues to think he is in charge and when we say do something he can say NO and choose not to do it. umm not doesnt work that way here. if Mama tells you to do something NO is never the answer. we have been counting like crazy with him as he also likes to ignore us when we tell him NOT to do something. he likes to use affection as a way of getting his way. well I will bat my eyes and smile and kiss and cuddle and keep on doing what you just told me not to. again, no, not happening. mama or papa said no then that means NO not kiss up until we let you.
Jaeger is quickly becoming difficult. stomps his feet and WHINES and cries still about everything. I thought the whining would let up but still plenty of that. the others seem to be adjusting easier than he. he still struggles to understand English, I do not think he is as proficient as the others in that area. school he is SMART but lazy. sometimes his spelling test is empty and not because he didnt know the letters to write but because he didnt want to. I cleaned out his bed today and found all sorts of things that he shouldnt have much less have in his bed. anyways life with him is a real struggle, although for the last two days Ethan was dealable so I guess as long as its only ONE wild child I can deal but if they both gang up on me I might jump a cliff!

Diana is having a hard time as she is very constipated and has a belly ache. poor thing. she laid on my bed all through dinner. didnt even come out once. Natasha is such a love. everyone adores her. We all love Diana too but she just doesnt steal the show like Natasha can. Andre is adorable and sweet but he can NOT BE IN THE KITCHEN when cooking! he is like an octopus on the counter. into everything opening the oven. etc. we kick him out and he comes right back. he is kind of like a bull in a china shop. but golly when he smiles at me...now if we could just get Jaeger and Ethan on the right path all would be easy!


  1. Sorry Tam, but with that many young 'uns I don't think "all will be easy" for quite some time~ maybe manageable though :). Poor Diana! Apple juice and steamed yellow squash should help out. Constipation is a big concern because it can lead to appendicitis. Hope she feels better soon. Sounds like you have your hands full with Jaeger and Ethan. You are a brave woman taking on this huge responsibility!

  2. ethan has been with us since he was less than 2 so he is background music at this point. Jaeger is different than he acted with us in ukraine but the others are telling us that yes indeedy this is how he acted with the nannies. Diana is going to get herself a nice enema here soon as the pharmacy opens. she has a hard blockage she cant get out. once we get THAT moved she can hopefully get the rest out and will have to work to make sure it doenst happen again. thanks for writing, it makes the day somehow easier to know that someone out there is listening to my rants.

  3. You'll survive. Our Alex went through the same things, it took almost 18 months to get passed most of it. Keep on him, he needs lots of structure. We're praying for you. Cara