A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what do you see when you look at the photo on this blog header? do you see happy children who know love? children who live in a family and not a "facility" for children? happy healthy loving children? did you know that many of the kids in that picture once lived in a "facility"? They did not know love of a family. they were not all healthy happy and loving. they are all now part of a loving family who will support them in their endevours. You could help another child without a family. you cant adopt you say? thats ok. you can donate to causes that help other people adopt. Adoption is very expensive. and difficult. if you donated a few dollars, the price of a cup of coffee, to reeces rainbow older kids grant fund you could make the difference in whether or not a family can afford to take one of the many kids around the world into their home and give them love and a future outside of institutions. Did you know there are 147 MILLION ORPHANS? can you even fathom that number? we wake up and worry about when we will get our fancy coffee. 147 MILLION ORPHANS wake every day wondering when someone will love them. some of them wake wondering when they will eat again. can you turn your head on 147 MILLION CHILDREN? If you, like me, are moved by the plight of the orphan, please go to my blog withoutamama.blogspot.com and donate via the chipin on that page. all monies go directly to reecesrainbow.org.

disclosure: I am not raising money for ME. I will never see any of this money, nor do I want it. it goes directly to reeces rainbow, a group that helps find homes for special needs orphans in many countries. I adopted 7 children, what have you done to help? what can you do? remember that if 100 people donate 1 dollar (which barely hurts your pocket at all) that would mean a child was that much closer to a family of their own.

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