A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, October 29, 2010


well lets say it was a hit with everyone, except those with whom it wasnt. how is that for vague? the kids came home from school all excited about their day. when I told them about the trick or treating in town today they were wild. Jaeger clearly expected that I already had a costume for him and should just hand it over for him. I dont work that way. in my house I do not make costumes. I do not buy costumes. if a child wants a costume he comes up with a plan and implements it with things around the house. Occasionally I will chip in with a stuffed sock for a tail or something of that sort. so thats where things started going down hill. the girls of course(being girls) planned ahead and knew precisely what they would wear. they were quick to put it on. so Jaeger is all worried and saying Jaeger costume Mama! over and over again. Andre I said could be a baby, as I knew we had sleeper pajamas that fit him. I gave him a blankie too. then something set him off and he screamed and cried and had fits until I wasnt sure I even wanted to take him. Finally MOST of them were ready. I sent Chrysta out to take pictures. Natasha posed adorably as a black cat. Maia the flower child was her happy go Maia self. The big boys settled on vampire teeth and Ethan put on a nice shirt(why? no idea but it was his plan so thats what he did). then Diana started with the whine. She didnt like the crown I offered her to wear, and she didnt like that I said she could use the same bag everyone else was using, the ones from school. she didnt like that Natasha who is older and up a grade had received a bag larger than hers. so there are no photos of Ms Sulkeypants. so off we went. things went fairly well while we were out. when we got home Jaeger was outside scootering with a sucker in his mouth and a bag of candy on the handlebars. When I told him to give me the bag(I put all the candy together and we all share) he lost it. finally I sent him to time out. I let everyone have ONE piece of candy. then he cried over that, surely Natasha had TWO!

LOVELY afternoon. Thank goodness the girls are fairly easy. Natasha has her moments but usually doesnt pull any crap with me. she gives it to the others but not me. Maybe she is still honeymooning. or maybe she is just an absolute love. Diana has MORE moments but is too a real love most the time. Maia is my dreamy dancerella who dances through life. the boys on the other hand are much more involved and demanding of my energy. it is very amazing the differences between raising boys and raising girls. Jaeger and Mama (and Papa) are trying to find our happy medium. I KNOW he is capable. I also know he has school buffaloed into believing he doesnt understand or is helpless thus they do not make him work. so for awhile there may be more negative news to report until we get to a point where we are comfortable and feeling safe with one another.

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