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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

preschool graduation

My baby is graduating preschool tonight. Off to Kindergarten next year! (Ben is going to K next year too. Sophie will spend one more year at least in preschool.) I remember the day Maia was born. Eric and I walked the halls at Mercy North Iowa Medical Center where he was a resident. We walked and walked. I wonder how many miles we put on that day trying to shake that baby out? We knew it was a girl. We knew she was Maia Catherine. Via ultrasound We watched her grow from a grain of rice to a kidney bean to starting to look like a real baby! Having lost a pregnancy before Maia we relished every kick, flutter and hiccup. My hair grew longer and lusher than it ever had. I dont think it was hormones though, I think it was love. Everything grows better with love. I was in love with my husband, my growing baby, a result of our love. I am still so in love with this baby. I pinch her cheeks and kiss her hands and wonder at how she has grown from a tiny sick premature baby to this bouncing 6 year old full of wonder and energy. Children are just a wonder. an incredible wonder. Every day I look at her and say WOW! who IS this child? she isnt that tiny baby. She changes every day. I used to ask her where my baby went. She would say baby all gone. and now, today, truly, baby all gone. off to kindergarten next year!

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