A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, May 14, 2010

just another day in paradise

I took the kids to Brainerd today. the three muskateers anyways, the others were at school. We dropped off Ethans broken(again) glasses to be fixed. they have to order new frames. they dont carry those in stock I guess. then I took the kids to lunch. Apparently the attendant there at the soda / katchup counter has never seen children as beautiful as mine because she kept looking at them, at us, never saying a word just looking when she thought we werent and sneaking looks. Probly not every day you see the cutest little boy with not one but TWO HOT PINK CASTS on his feet. and really how often could she have seen girls as lovely as my two blondes? we happily ate our lunch right where she could see. She never did speak to us, offer assistance of any kind as I try to gather one kid in casts who doesnt walk so well, one in a stroller that doesnt drive so good and one who is bopping along in her own world while I try to carry a tray with food on it. shrug. we get by. if I could just get people to open or hold doors THAT would be helpful. the ones that DO hold door, I am thankful for. but it might be nice if some people got a kindness clue. I always hold the door when I can for other people. People with strollers, walkers, cheelchairs, perfect walking feet, elderly, young, anyone, anywhere. it is just kind. but many people dont get that.

anyways we went to dollar store and stocked up on about 77 dollars worth of shampoo, toothpaste, household cleaner, some stuff for the trip to get the girls, some stuff for the girls, chalk for the kids to play since the sun is finally shining. I went next door to the grocery and got soap and dog food and thus avoided a trip to target entirely.

stopped on the way home for a bathroom and gas fill. and guss what happened? AGAIN? because I stopped to pee, I missed an accident further down the road. when I am growling about my teeny tiny bladder remind me how many times it has saved me! got home to a houseful of barking dogs and a letter saying a bill I already paid was going to collections. didnt get a chance to call them though. better call tomorrow.

Still no word on when we will travel. I am anxiously awaiting. maybe tomorrow.


  1. I'd be too excited if I saw kids as cute as yours. especially with bright pink casts! I'd be SO tempted to walk up and tell Ben I love his casts. That boy has got STYLE. hehe

  2. the pt was so thrilled to let him have pink. she said some parents are all caught up in boys and pink. I was like its his cast if he wants pink let him have it. and he LIKES pink, it was the first color he learned. who cares if hes a boy! I always say it takes a strong man to wear pink! and he is strong!