A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jelly Bracelets!

1 for 3 dollars or 2 for 5! I have pink, green, and blue. Buy a bracelet and help us save three lives! Possibly 4! as you can imagine this is a huge undertaking as many people cant afford ONE international adoption. We have nothing left in savings. every penny is ear marked for this adoption. PLEASE help us raise the remaining funds we will need to get these girls home. Their future if left where they are includes horrors like prostitution drugs abuse or being sent to institution! Can you Look at those beautiful faces and tell me you cant help us save them from a future like that???


  1. no. they are jelly bracelets. the same ones everyone was selling from RR about a year ago. Will try to take a photo when the kids go to school in half hour.

  2. This is perfect timing. I had one but I can't find it now. Expect an order shortly.