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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ever heard of Zenni Optical?

Eric got a wild hair and decided to buy his glasses online. he heard its cheaper. and it was. except we paid for glasses 2 weeks ago and there is no sign of them yet. his old ones are broken. we leave the country in one week. Eric called and they said oh yeah it could be 3 and half weeks. that is NOT WHAT THEY SAID ON THE WEBSITE! They said call back on friday. So I called several times on Friday. The recording would answer the phone, never an available representative. So I left a message as they suggested. they didnt return phone calls. The quoted time for delivery is nearly come and gone and the glasses are still "in manufacture." If you want to order glasses, and you have 3 weeks or a month to wait then go ahead. but if you need them now? I wouldnt recommend Zenni Optical. as for the quality of the glasses I cant even attest to that since we havent acutally RECEIVED the glasses. Since we have at this time 5 people in our family in glasses, they are losing a lot of potential business. We sure wont be buying from Zenni Optical again. and if the glasses dont come soon then I will have a new battle on my hands, trying to get our money back. I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

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