A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, July 13, 2012


I am sick. didnt sleep well. up off and on all night. when I did sleep I had short little dreams. Tara came to me in my dream. she was well and happy and running.  I miss her. She was a real pain but she was my pain and I loved her.  The kids are still lobbying for another dog. Eric and I aren't feeling its the right time.

Sophie went off to clinic with daddy today for an x ray of her leg. they will email it to Van bosse. hopefully he will let us know then if we need to return for another visit or not. (hoping not)

Mocha rarely leaves my side. she is sleeping on the floor near the bed right now. She sleeps under my feet at dinner. if I put on my shoes she is already in the car. She is not going to take a chance on losing me. or maybe she feels I need her. I dont know. I do, though. need her. When the kids go to school she is my company.

Sophie is getting to be a reader. I catch her trying to decode words wherever she sees them. I havent spent too much time with her on her words or math this week as Eric is on vacation and we have been busy doing fun things as a family.

Cody went to his dads for the week. His dad will drop him at summer camp. Chrysta is at camp this week and next. The other kids go to camp a week from now.  Andre Ben and Sophie and I are going to try to do some fun things since they dont get to go to camp. I promised Andre a train ride since yesterdays train ride didnt work out.

Not much else is news around here, except the BIG news is that Stephen is coming to town. He is a friend of ours from twin cities and the kids absolutely go nuts for him. they adore him. so everyone is quite thrilled that Stephen will be here!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better!!! GET SOME REST!!