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Saturday, August 25, 2012

back to school

its been a busy summer of music in the park, bike riding, gardening, raising chickens, spirit valley days, camp fires, eating on the deck.  We love our deck, we eat out there nearly every night, unless its raining. the garden is full of yummy stuff but since it got a late start and the weather was not cooperative some things are puny and probably wont amount to much. next year though since the garden is all cleared, and fenced it should be easier to get it in early and grow grow grow! We also started clearing in the back yard for the hot tub and pool. of course we dont have a pool but we want one! We already have the hot tub just need to get it installed. The back yard was completely wild and grown over. It is now halfway cleared. We are not planning to clear cut the entire yard. just enough to put in a simple hoophouse over the hot tub and the pool we do not have. lol. and have a little green space left over. maybe some flowers and sod.

We also got a surprise this week. While we hadnt planned on another dog until next year some time we got a call about a 4 month old lab mix who is already spayed, had all her shots, is potty trained and just needed a home. so Now Java the little black puppy has joined Mocha at home.  Mocha has been less than impressed with the interloper who is a little bit of a pip. She is in mocha's face and barks at her and really just wants to play with her but mocha is a crabby old lady of four and does not much want to play with her. In fact she has attacked her again and again. but I am seeing progress. Little Java is so funny. but puppies need a lot of exercise and the kids are doing a great job of that but what am I gonna do when the kids go back to school? that means I have to play puppy all day!!! she likes to walk on the driveway though so we can do a lot of that.

We are almost ready to put the chickens in the freezer.
I will be happy when that job is done. I am the chicken feeder. and often the waterer also. the one breed is dumb and stink. they dont scratch. they dont eat bugs. they just eat and poop. as you can imagine about 50 of those start to stink. and they dont seem to get that they are supposed to move when we move the chicken cages. they just stand there. The brahmas are much smarter and cleaner. they dont stink. they love when we give them grass. the white ones dont know what to do with grass except poop on it.

the kids are anxious to go back to school. Maia and Andre got the same teacher Natasha Jaeger and Ethan had last year. she is a very kind teacher who at the same time doesnt put up with any nonsense. and I love the way she teaches. she will be a great teacher for them. Sophie got the teacher that Maia and Diana had last year. we were hoping for that as she is outstanding also. the others got teachers we dont know. but I have no doubt they are great.

September 17th  Sophie and I will return to Philadelphia for her fixater removal surgery. She will also get a new one on the other leg that day.  Hoping for a nice day on the 18th so we can go to the Philly zoo. I try to build in a day between travel and surgery for something fun. Last time we went to please touch museum, and before that we went to all the historical stuff.  This time I am thinking the weather should be just right for the zoo.  I am not looking forward to being away from home that long again and especially during school.  but the bonus is we will not have to add two days of travel to drive to the twin cities to fly. we were able to get flights from our hometown this time.

we are disappointed that summer is coming to a close and yet excited and looking forward to a new school year and fall.  we have put up some pickles and some jam.  they will be good in the cold winter when we roast a nice chicken.

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