A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, July 2, 2012

another day another tantrum

Andre started the day with another doozy of a tantrum. He decided he didnt want to live here any more. over and over he said it. he says it all the time. so today I told him if he would like he can call me Tammy instead of Mama and I will talk to Eric and see where we can find for him to live since he doesnt want to live with us. his eyes got big,  and the tears started falling like a storm. I asked him if maybe he didn't want to stay is that why he was crying?  He curled up in a ball and wouldnt let go of my arm. I said to him that I thought he wanted to go since he keeps saying that. and I dont want him to stay here if he is unhappy here. no. he didnt want to go. then I asked him if he would like to call me Mama or Tammy. he whimpered Mama. so I told him if he was going to stay and call me Mama then we were a family and he would have to pull his weight and help out around here, not have a tantrum when asked to help out. I dont enjoy washing his wet bedding. but it must be done and we are a family so I do it. and he needs to do jobs that sometimes he doesnt enjoy. if its a job he likes its NO PROBLEM he will work all day. but toss out a job he doesnt feel like doing and forget it. thats what happened this morning when I asked him and the others to put dirty dishes in dishwasher. Jaeger emptied the clean ones, everyone was loading the dirty ones. he absolutely refused to help. refused to sit on his bed. after our little come to jesus talk he has been sweet and helpful.  not that it will last long. it never does. but Ill take a break where I can get one.

I went to the dentist and have a gum infection. that sounds fun doesnt it? the monkeys devoured an entire bag of chips at snack time and didnt save me even ONE! I guess at some point they will be hungry again so I better go work on cooking some dinner. Last night we ran out of water so we couldnt cook because I couldnt clean up. so tonight its fajitas. it was natasha's plan to make them but she is nowhere to be found. I guess its my turn to cook.

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