A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, June 22, 2012

two more weeks at least

at which point I am planning to check out no matter what. He said I could take her home now but would have to come back in two weeks. I am already here. going home and back again is a pain too. She has OT next week. Wonder if Camden is going to kick us out now. but Van Bosse is out next friday so that isnt OUR fault! he only does clinic on fridays. I really miss home and the kids and the dogs. While we have been gone the area has had a lot of flooding and I know the roads are a mess. Not sure how to even GET home with all the roads out. Sophie is doing well. Four turns a day on fixater. making progress but not as much as I had hoped. it will come. it just takes time and I am asking for miracles here because we have been away from home so long. I have not much else to report as not much is going on here. We watch tv, read, do math, visit with people at Camden and yesterday we went to Beckys house(THANKS BECKY!!!). the days start to run together after a bit. We went on a big shopping trip yesterday....to CVS for diapers and a box of cheerios. I also got new headphones because mine crapped out on me. and I have a lot of time to be using them. I think next week we will go to the aquarium in Camden. wonder if there is a movie theater we could go see a movie.  Sophie made a friend named Mikayla here at Shriners today. Mikayla is 7 and also has AMC. Well not much else to report. we are alive and well. missing home and husband and kids and dogs!


  1. I so wish we lived there so we could come keep you company!! I know you are bouncing off the walls!! I was in DE and was only there 3 days. Praying that the time flies for you and queen Sophie.

  2. I went home. Just. Couldn't. Stay. Away.