A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's lonely here.

I miss my family and my home. An old friend stopped in today to see us. That was nice. He's a guy I grew up with was in the area. If you're reading this, thanks Mike!  Sophie is doing really well. She has gained 25 degrees already! Her leg was fixed at 90 degrees when we came here. its now at 65.  Thats what I call progress. She is very adaptive and while she is still nervous she is adjusting.

We are staying at ronald mcdonald house. Sophie sees her doctor each week. also is working on some OT once a week. however that only makes two appointments a week. even though we live across the country they want us to have three appointments to stay here. so thats all up in the air at the moment. I may have to move to camden if they will have us. the person I need to talk to is not in until sunday at 5. 

I am very disappointed that I try to give and give and give I rarely get anything in return. I reach out to people. people I just met, people I have known for years. occasionally when I am in a dark or difficult place someone will reach back. but here I am across the country with my child for medical treatment and most of the people I know cant be bothered to even shoot us an email asking how we are.  drop me a line on facebook. send an email. acknowledge my existence. Im drowning here and no one will even throw me a lifeline.  


  1. Hi, I don't know you except from your blog. It sounds like you're going through a rough patch. Your last sentence makes me a little worried. Do you think maybe you should see a doctor? Lots of adoptive moms have reported feeling isolated, depressed, and hopeless. (This is just one recent example: http://signstogether.blogspot.com/2012/04/depression.html) If you're feeling depressed, PLEASE seek help. It's worth it.

    I hope things ease a bit. Thinking of you,


  2. How long are they going to keep you there, so far from home? Although 25 degrees is pretty impressive ... that's a LOT of downtime, with only 2 appts a week.

  3. I'M SORRY YOU ARE LONELY!! WISH I LIVED CLOSE AND I WOULD COME VISIT... Drop by FB anytime you see me on...I enjoyed chatting last night. I am lousy about seeing who is on or not. Do you have a yahoo e-mail??? If you do we can messenger WHICH IS A THOUSAND TIMES EASIER FOR ME.