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Monday, June 11, 2012

she's out!

busted little queenie out of the joint today. Shriners hospital for children is great but I was getting tired of sitting there all day and running back and forth. now we adjust. Im scared to death. Im on my own with her now. Im doin ok but scared and nervous and sick of hanging around already and still weeks to go! thankfully we have met so many people here. one of our favorite friends will be here in ten or 11 days. that will be fun.

Sophie is doing pretty well. she just refuses to sleep. hasnt really slept in days. she is out cold right now. a little meds, a big day in her chair, back to bed and she just zonked out. This of course means I can watch trash tv. but there isnt really anything on. Figures huh?

things are a little rough at home I hear. I had a morning call to talk to a boy who was hitting. and an afternoon call to talk to a boy who was not listening and insisted on jumping out the window. poor husband is trying to do it all there while working full time. We hardly get to talk because he is so busy. If we do its a pretty quick chat. I miss home and my husband. and the kids. and green grass. and my trees. and my house. and my dogs. and my bed. and my car and a familiar city.

there is a lot of good food here and its very hard to not gain weight. but I have been walking and running trying to keep my weight down. Sophie didnt last long enough after dinner to get a chance to go walk and run. hopefully in the morning she will be fresh and in good mood and I can get in some exercise. not sure if its possible for me to do that without her demanding something again and again.

well I guess Ill go to sleep since I am sure she will wake me partway through the night.

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