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Monday, June 18, 2012


we are definitely being moved to Camden. Im not happy about it. but there is nothing I can do about it and at least its a place to stay. Im sure Ill meet someone there. many of my friends here at Erie have gone home or are going home anyways.  When I was a kid I never had a problem meeting people. Every where I went I just made a friend to play with and life went on. even if I never saw that kid again we played while we were able to. its a little harder as an adult. And somewhere over the years, I seem to have lost my ability to just walk up to someone and start chatting. many times over there there are moms with babies still in utero. babies in nicu. or kids in hospital not kids at rmh. I find it difficult to relate and make friends. Last time I stayed there with Ben, Aseel and Bisan were there. we knew that. so I guess Ill have to work on that. meeting people. I guess I get to work on packing up all our crap in a hurry also, since we may be going tomorrow.  Things work a little different in Camden. this is one of the reasons I find the Philly house a little more comfortable and comforting and home like. Certain things are similar, like the food situation. food is available and dinner is served daily.  although if you are fussy you may be hungry.  The big difference is that there are no tv in rooms. only in family room. Apparently this is to encourage those of us with the problem I mentioned above. we are forced to spend time in common areas.  There are climbing areas but not much in the way of toys. so if you can't climb there isnt much to do(although if you can climb its great).  guess we will be working on that math and reading.  here's hoping we a) meet some one with something in common over there, and b) are allowed to go home soon. I miss my OWN home. my OWN way of doing things. a house run MY way. and all the kids in it also my OWN.

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  1. Tam,
    I'm sorry you are having such a difficult time out there and that you feel like everyone at home has dropped off the face of the earth. I wish I could help somehow, but I do understand.

    We are wrapping up day 33 of Maia's hospitalization and now that she is more stable, it is pretty quiet with people checking in.

    It's hard when other peoples' daily lives are going on as usual and ours (yours) are in limbo. I struggle with that, too. Know that you are not alone. You and Sophie are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the transition to Camden will be smooth and that you will soon be home in your own bed!!