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Monday, February 13, 2012

All for Alicia

I moved the giveaway to its own page. Allforalicia.blogspot.com Please check it out and share it! lets raise enough money for this little girl that someone would be able to adopt her without a great hardship.

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  1. Hi! It is weird but in Erie PA we have not had much snow this year which has been a real blessing.I wanted to take my children cross country sking this year but the snow melted faster than I moved to get a trip organized. My children for years have watched the Erie County sheriff department scuba team practice ice rescues in the frozen bay. This year we only watched the frozen ice rescue once because the bay never froze for very long.Also ice fishing never really happened on the bay because it never froze well. Many of the Ukraine men at the church make extra money in the winter selling the fish they catch from ice fishing that never really happened this year. But spring is here and everything is starting to bloom so I will take my children regular fishing soon. Glad you are feeling better. Pat