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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

guess who just ATE her first tooth?

Sophie just lost her first tooth. in a banana. which she ATE! she has a very cute gap in her smile now. she also has some pink eye. fun fun. her cast BROKE the other day. she thought her leg would fall off I think because if we even looked at her leg she cried. So we wrapped it in fiberglass to reinforce it.

We finally got the letter from andre's evaluation. we also got referral to FAS clinic. Andre is functioning at 2-3 year old level in many things. as high as 4 almost 5 year old level in others. seriously delayed overall. If the school continues to fight me on this I am about ready to pull him out altogether. they send home his work already for ME to teach him since they dont have time. There is an alternative school our friends child attends in Cloquet. Her experience has been that its a very small classroom setting with a lot of one on one. exactly what Andre needs but isnt getting in his current placemnt.

Chrysta Natasha and Ethan started music lessons monday and Ethan's teacher didnt show. didnt know I guess. Have yet to hear from her.this does not speak well of the organisational skills of the lady who runs the music school.

Andre and Diana are going to go to Pediatric endochrinologist because of their size.

Jaeger is mostly a loving funny joyful boy.

Chrysta turns 15 today. I have been teasing her that its her 12th birthday or that she is turning 13 now! she is less than excited about my attempts to make her younger lol.

Cody is Cody. wants to get a job. but of course cant get out of bed in the morning and nearly misses the bus every day. it is not a short walk to school like it was in Isle. its several miles. so if he misses the bus its gonna be a long walk. I cant drive him with sophie at home. too difficult to travel with her.

Maia is her father's daughter through and through. she is a joy to raise. the love of our life. well one of them anyways. but always happy go lucky and LOOOOOVES when her Daddy reads to her about greek mythology. Last night she learned that Maia was a character in greek mythology and was very excited! I could eat that girl up she is so adorable and sweet. all the girls are but Maia is something special in her own way.

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  1. Hi I hope you daughter had a nice birthday 15 is such a great age to be. Pat