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Monday, November 7, 2011

just another manic monday

most of them out the door. last two waiting for bus. then sophie's teacher comes. eric didnt get a deer this weekend. but Allan did. When they got back Allan stayed to dinner and I sent the leftovers home with him. we dont get enough chance to eat leftovers. Eric used to eat them for lunch but now he doesnt come home for lunch. I cant eat it fast enough and there is never enough for a full meal of various leftovers for all. At least I know it will get eaten. It was a long weekend without Eric here. and the boys decided it was the weekend to skip sleep. I wish I had the magic pill to make them SLEEP!

So today is monday and its back to fighting for Andre to get school services. I am really not sure why I send him at this point. HE gets social time but he sure isnt learning to read. he still doesnt know all the letters. in fact MOST of them he doesnt know. its hard to read or spell without letters. math he is a bit better at but needs a lot of attention and guidance to do it. we often end up doing it at home. I wonder if I could just get the curriculum and do it myself with him at home. I dont really WANT to go that route but I keep running up against brick walls. waiting for the official diagnosis paper from Psych. they may or may not help. see doctor tomorrow and will get referral for FAS clinic. and will contact school social worker about alternative school in Cloquet where Kirsten goes. how many years does he have to go to school and NOT LEARN before they will HELP???

Dec 5 is sophie's appt for casts off. ben also appt to get new boots. short ones taht stay in shoe. better call about flights for that. need to call clinic about diana's labs also today and find out about pedi endocrine. life is sure never dull.

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  1. Hi It is hard getting the school district to provide all the services a child needs to learn. My heart goes go to you. I have been there before. Pat