A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

blog challenge day 2

post a random photo from your day. I initially had a problem getting a random photo. I overthink things. random would be start snapping away at various things. I am always looking for "the PERFECT photo" so I found the perfect photo but decided it wasnt really random. instead there is a pic I took of Ben and the dog looking out the window while the other boys are out there playing. this is a sight I see often as Ben is often left behind due to his limited mobility at the moment. I added the other for fun too. It is a coke can with the words in Russian. I have russian and ukrainian kids and have spent time in both countries. I keep this can on the back of my stove where I see it all the time. I also love coca cola and collect things with the coca cola label on it. I dont collect everything I see just like to see the coke label around. to me it says Americana. It says refreshing on a hot summer day. It says camping as a child. It says trips to the movie theater. so there is my randomness for the day.


  1. Our bull dog actually sits in a woodchair and looks out the window.It was cute seeing your dog also looking out the window. Pat

  2. the boys were out there playing and ben and his buddy werent able to go out. so they just watched the fun.