A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, March 14, 2011


Tearing my hair out! going crazy! running screaming in the streets! this whole move thing is making me crazy! Andre thinks we will leave him behind when we move so he pushes me away and says I wanna go back to Ukraine every time he hears something he doesnt like. Ben sobbed his heart out because he didnt know if he would come along when we move, and probably somewhat because he will have to leave his special aide. Chrysta keeps asking what color she can paint her room and will she have to share a room and I dont even HAVE a room to tell her about. The girls and the boys are concerned with their toys and the pets coming along. and Mama is concerned with FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE! Eric and I have made about 6 trips to town to look. all came up empty. nothing new is coming on the market much. There is not a lot that is what we want where we want for a price we want. There just isnt. I guess I ought to put my parents on notice that we will be putting our tent up in their backyard! What I like Eric doesnt. or we both like it but its too much $$ and too far away. Building sounds like a rather expensive venture. the whole thing is maddening.
Sophie and I are going to go take a walk in the sunshine. maybe I will feel better after that. or maybe it will take Chrysta's yummy chocolate eauclaire cake to make me feel better. or the perfect house at the perfect price in the perfect location

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  1. Hi! Some communities in PA our offering great tax breaks if you buid new. A couple of my friends got some great houses from foreclosures and the houses came with several acres and were not in bad shape. The banks really worked with my friends. Because the banks were afraid to leave high end homes empty for very long. The banks did not want the homes trashed by people breaking into it.My friends called the bank directly and asked if they had any houses that were being foreclosed on.The banks jumped on this.Good luck, Pat