A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

blog challenge day 1

once someone told me I was a good egg. I am also a good egg that enjoys adventure. Adventure doesnt have to be wild and exciting it could be a hike in a state forest where I have never been. It could be a trip to a state park museum that intrigues me. It might be a trip to the lake with kids who have never before been allowed to swim, or just watching the sun set over the ocean in Mexico. All of these are my adventures. I used to keep a book of our adventures. I would include souveniers like brochures of the places we visited. or our entrance tickets. As we added children and traveled less the book sort of went by the wayside. but the enbergadventures continue. every day is a new adventure. and my kids are really all good eggs. they have moments sure when I would like to hang them by their toenails and throw peanuts at them but for the most part they are a good bunch. they are loving and sweet. they are good to their little sister when she needs help. They delight in teaching her new things. or helping her to find her own way to get into trouble with them. They do well in school, they try hard. they help at home some voluntarily some when asked all when there is money to be earned. They are good eggs. since there are 12 of us in this house(although the kids would like that to be more like 15 or 16, they often suggest we adopt again)that makes a dozen. a dozen good eggs. and this is the blog of our adventures. some days they are little adventures like a child learning to crawl some days they are big adventures like moving to a new city. but we are a dozen good eggs, and these are our adventures.

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