A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ben's poor feet

Ben's feet are not doing well. Darn AMC is winning! and with the sores on his feet that makes it easier for the AMC to win. Doctor in Philly on Friday. quite possible he comes home in plaster. again.


  1. Oh those poor feet, makes me want to cry. I hate plaster, but I think I hate foot sores more.

    Matthew's foot doesn't look near as bad, but is out of his AFO yet again with bad blisters.

    I hope someday you (and Ben) can look back on this as a bad dream and beautiful feet.

  2. Hi! Your sons feet look sore poor little guy. Pat

  3. Hi! I have found that afo's can cause blisters. If the child is growing and the afo's are getting a little tight it can cause the skin to break down quite fast.Pat