A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, February 18, 2011

sophie's new chair

I wasnt happy with the decision (that was made for us) to put her in an oversized stroller. She wasnt thrilled either judging by her reaction. When we put her in it we asked her about it and she was very noncommittal. smiling politely but saying its ok. not much more than that. After some soul searching I decided that I needed to pick myself up by the bootstraps and do what was best for her even if it meant stepping on someone's toes. So I cancelled the chair. I made an appointment to go to the dealer and look at some chairs there. I explained my concerns about the stroller he agreed. This is supposed to serve her for 5 years! that would mean she is 10 and in a stroller! she wont like being a baby. she wants so much to do things for herself. and to be honest I didnt really care for the looks of it. and I just all around didnt feel it was the best choice.

so yesterday we went to appointment with Reliable medical. and they had 2 actual wheelchairs for her to try. one was very special needs and probably more than she needs. head rest 5 point harness. the other one was what is called a "little dipper"
I put her in it to try it out and she said Mama I LOVE this chair! it was just about her size and her feet fit on the footplate. she was so cute and excited. Then I knew I made the right decision. so we are getting a chair. a manual wheelchair in her size. I went ahead and customised it for her. Twinkerbelle fabric on the back and black sparkly for the metal part. she chose those. so its on order and will hopefully be here for us in 4-6 weeks. Probably just about the time she goes to Philly for her surgery = ( but I am hoping we can get some use of out of it before then. if not, definitely after casts come off. there is some question about fixators. will they do them or not? I dont know. I thought it was a given but now apparently it isnt. so I hope she will enjoy her new chair!

The best part about the chair was that she was actually able to power it herself! I dont think she will be doing long distances by herself but she had fun moving it around. if only that one hand were turned. then she could use both hands and go where she wants.


  1. You said "I don’t think she will be doing long distances by herself..." but she has an uncanny ability to defy the limitations that seem so obvious to us and do the impossible. She maybe not be able to do a mile but I would bet she can get to the bottom of the driveway when she decides she wants to get on a school bus. We have seen her pick up English and speak it like a native born and move in ways we thought impossible just a year ago. When she decides she wants to, I would bet she will be able to get around just fine. She is one fine girl.

  2. oh right bob she does. I meant its hard to go far in a straight line when you can only move one wheel.

  3. You did the right thing! I am a pediatric PT and I HATE strollers! Very few kids need are appropriate for strollers. If she has good upper extremity strength a nice little light weight chair would be perfect! Never let anyone force you to buy anything. You know best and anyone who tries to push something on you isn't a good service provider.

  4. thanks Laura. we feel really good about our choice. the reason I wanted to go to a chair was to get her OUT of a stroller! she is 5! although she is very small and fits in a stroller I didnt want her in one forever. thanks for the support.

  5. Hi! I think you did the right thing for your daughter especially since she is high functioning. I see a lot of low functioning children in the strollers because they need upper body support of their limbs and a regular wheel chair is not a possibility for them to use. But if her upper body is strong maybe a motorized wheel chair that is fitted for a chldren might be helpful and will give her more mobility I know taking a wheel chair around is a lot harder to transport than a stroller. Good luck, Pat