A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, February 21, 2011

the fight continues!

at conferences we again addressed Andre's need of extra help in the classroom. we were again rebuffed. we have a meeting set for Friday. Eric is taking an hour off from work to go with me and present a united front while they tell us all the reasons they can not and will not address his difficulties. They tell us he hasnt been here long enough. its probaby language. not learning disabilities. but looking at the other 3 here the same amount of time and all doing much harder work and they are THRIVING. I tried to teach him addition today. he is 7. I showed him 0. and then added 1 cell phone to the same place. How many is that Andre? how many cell phones do we have? his reply? SIX! his recent math test had 11 problems. he got 10 wrong. this is the same stuff they have been doing in Kinder all year! he started the year with everyone else. it isnt like he started last week and doesnt get it. he has been in the class all year! 6 of his 7 months home! many of the problems on his test were in the vein of how many snowflakes. count them and circle the right number. he got them all wrong. his classroom teacher is saying HE NEEDS HELP! we are saying HE NEEDS HELP! but no one wants to help. they instead want to give us a line of bull to put us off. meanwhile its Andre who suffers.


  1. Hi,

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I hope you don't mind but I added your blog to my foot blog list. I know that your two have a different road to travel then my son or some of the other kids, but I thought they have and will go through enough similar things to be on that list. I noticed on another of your blogs that Sophie is getting osteotomies. I don't run into many kids who have had one, let alone two. Matthew is now 3 yrs past his.

    I look forward to following how your kids are doing.

  2. actually I know of lots of kids who have had or are getting osteotomies. with arthrogryposis Amyoplasia their legs flop outward. femoral osteotomies reorient them to the front. glad to see you here. thanks for adding me.

  3. So angry about the school! Keep fighting for your baby, they have to give him the help he needs!

  4. Hi! I know it is hard dealing with the school district especially in PA due to the governors recent cuts to education 50% many school districts are feeling the pinch. But your child has a right to an education that will education him based on this own needs.I know of a few resources that might be able to help you. Keep me posted if you need any additional help. I have found that support groups are very helpful.Pat