A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

just keep swimming

I am floundering in the issue of a chair for Sophie. We had a meeting with a guy who presented us with exactly 2 options, the only diff between the two is 5 degrees in the recline. Now is a good time to do this. we have met our deductible. we are moving and will have NEW insurance company so we can look to them for power chair but I want a manual for now and to use later for backup. Also power chairs are difficult to transport and sometimes it would be nice to have the option of NOT having to bring the power chair. My other thoughts are that she is 5 going on 20 and is she going to want to be in a stroller much longer? the guy told us these usually are intended to be in use about 5 years. which would make her 10, and still in a stroller. she is NOT mentally challenged. she will KNOW that she is different and will KNOW when the other kids are teasing that she is a baby in a stroller. All in all I am disappointed we werent presented more options and am not sure that we are making the right decision on this. I called and put it on hold. Need to do a bit more research on this. why even ask the insurance company to pay 1000 bucks for a chair if we will hate it in a year or two. and I just cant understand why we werent even shown more options. sometimes small town sucks. I suppose the guy couldnt possibly carry all the options in his truck to bring to this small town appointment. so he chose what he thought was appropriate. but why does HE get to choose for us and for Sophie? If in the end this is the best choice ok. but I am not convinced it is. and I dont want a chair we wont be happy with.

Sophie is getting very strong. she works so hard in PT. Loretta her PT has said the same thing, she is getting very strong. even in just the few visits we have had she has improved a lot. today in her AFOs and shoes she was attempting to stand at the chair. she could get one foot up. couldnt quite get that second one up. but just the fact that she could get up on the one foot to PARTIALLY get her other foot up is pretty huge for her. She is making great strides.

Ben starts PT on Friday at 330. He is not progressing from casts as fast as we would have thought. he walked more in his casts than he does now with shoes and AFOs. he is singing right now to the dogs. seems to be working to quiet them! smart kid! why didnt someone just tell me all I have to do to shut the dogs up is sing to them?


  1. Do you have pics? I would go for a manual, they can be adjusted for growth that an electric cannot, and yes, you have to get a lift to carry a power one on the back of your van, or a ramp to drive it into the van. We still make O use the manual for short trips, long trips like the zoo the power is the best!

  2. I am totally set on manual at this time. that isnt the problem. its just WHICH one. she wont be able to propel it. I just didnt like that I was presented with ONE option. they dont know her or her needs how can they guess that just this one wouold suit her? I have an appointment to go to them next week and see ALL the chairs that are an option and THEN decide. I just dont think a giant stroller is the best choice for her. the one they brought is called ez rider

  3. I googled the wheelchair. You're right--it does look like a giant stroller.

  4. Hi! Even in small towns the wheel chair salesman should have more options to show you. Have you contacted a sales rep from a big co. they might send someone to your town.Also if there are physically handicap group homes in your area I am sure they use a company that has many options for wheelchairs designs maybe you can contact one of these local agencies that serve that poplation.Good luck, Pat