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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ben's bloody feet

Ben has been convincing his school aide to loosen his straps. no wonder he cries all night when we tighten them and put on the dorsi strap. His feet are regressing. he has pressure sores. we have an appointment to go back on the 18th and I will not be one bit surprised if he pops him back into plaster. nope not one little bit. Big brother has also been loosening them at night. and here I thought we were doing so good with sleeping! Turns out he was only sleeping because someone in his room was loosening the straps. Sophie's feet on the other hand are just fine. not a spot on them. wears her boots 24/7 and dorsi straps at the lines with little to no complaint except that sometimes her sock gets caught in her toe but that has been ongoing since she came home. So far tonight Ben has been medicated and he is still in there screaming for the last hour. it will not be a good night. He cried all night last night and all morning too. I sent him to school anyways where he promptly got his way and they loosened the straps. he is a stubborn boy. and he has gotten his way too many times with this. I dont think he is really in that much pain but he wails because he wants us to loosen them and we wont. he didnt cry when I put them on. he didnt cry until I took him to his bed. if it was so horribly painful wouldnt it hurt when I put them on? I feel like a real shit listening to him cry and scream as if someone is trying to murder him.

in other news the boys broke the bunk beds....again. Ethan was jumping on the top bunk. yes stupid idea. broke the slat supporting it and fell right through to the bottom bunk. scraped his back up good. maybe he learned a lesson. maybe Mom knows a thing or two when she says dont jump on the bed. I am about at the point that we toss the beds when we move and put their mattresses on the floor. the ladder on one is broken and no longer hooks to the bunk as well as has one tread broken off. one slat on the other is broken. the girls bunks are both broken. top AND bottom. Chrysta sleeps on a mattress on the floor because she had the last bunk before it broke.

Diana and Andre went to dentist today. Diana has one more appointment and got a tooth pulled out. she was not a happy camper. not one little bit. but I did take them to the store and let them spend some money they had. boy were their sibs nice to them when they got home. they wanted to play with the new toys! Jaeger had fits because I gave his snowpants to Diana and gave him the bigger ones. he did get over it and wrote his name inside the new ones on the tag. Well I guess Ben has been screaming long enough and I have to go and talk to him. again.

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