A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, September 18, 2016

how do you get anywhere?

well we mostly don't get there on time but we do get there. Most of the kids are able to take care of their own showering, dressing and generally getting ready to go somewhere.  They do need reminders often. Some are completely incapable of doing that for themselves, that's where we step in and do it for them. There are lots of opportunities to try to do things that are hard but when we are working to get somewhere in a timely manner is not it. We drive a 15 passenger van in the summer when we go out. It doesn't drive well in the winter so we usually park it in a snowbank for the cold snowy months. We have enough seats in the mini van and prius if we go somewhere in the winter. that means we both have to drive but we rarely leave town in the winter so it isn't too bad. School events and community events we drive to in two vehicles. This also allows me to use my handicapped plates to park closer to the doors and take the kids who need that, and the others can park further away and get a little energy out walking to the doors.

It isn't that difficult getting us anywhere but getting there on time is a bigger issue.  Certain children have difficulty keeping track of necessary items like shoes and coats. You wouldn't think a coat could get lost that easy but it's easier than you think apparently.  Even when half the kids are ready someone else is still trying to find their ______(fill in the blank).  There are at least 2 kids who live life on their terms and time is not their friend. They just move at whatever speed they feel and any amount of urging or hurrying will do nothing to speed it up. even when everyone is in the car , one of those kids is still poking along getting ready to go. They seem to enjoy holding everyone hostage. There have been occasions we just picked them up and put them in a car and left, unable to wait any longer for their poky attitude.

Where do we go? We try to take a bit of a family vacation in the summer. We go to the library often in the summer. We also enjoy music in the park most Tuesday evenings of June, July, and August.  We like to go to the beach. In winter we have school activities and some outdoor fun activities that requires all of us to carpool. More often not everyone is going so its easy to just hop in the mini van and go.

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