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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Scoop

My great grandfather was called Scoop. I can't recall the reason but whenever I offer the scoop on things I think of him. So here is what is new around here, the real scoop.

Kids went off to school today. First day of the new year. One child has been struggling with mental health, social problems, school behavior problems, academic refusal. We suspect FAS. That child is staying home this year to homeschool with me. We started today also. Seems like the right thing for him. He works hard for me. As he works out his past traumas and finds ways to integrate into the life around him, school is not the place for him. He can not handle it. So home it is. I would wager that we did more today on the first day in 2 hours than the other kids did all day today at school.  FAS diagnosis is in process but it is a long drawn out process and that is one more reason to keep him home.

So 3 kids are in 7th grade. technically. one is home with me and didn't do much of anything in 6th grade so I don't know if I should call him 7th grader or not. Sophie, the youngest, is in 5th grade this year. The other 6 are in grade 6. This means that they are all in middle school. Everyone is in one school. one building. except the one that's with me and I shouldn't have to pick that child up because he is ill or has bad behavior. I also don't have to worry about him catching the bus so I would say everyone is in one school is a fair assessment as far as communication with school.

Since its another year later we are all another year older. Except me, I'm still 27. Shhh don't tell Sophie that's not the truth. She believes it wholeheartedly.

Juno got a diagnosis last year of col6a2. what this means for her future is uncertain. We will continue to take one day at a time with her. We will assume she will live a long life and encourage her to remain active as long as possible.  That is all we can do.

We took a family vacation in August to Minneapolis St Paul area. We spent a day at the art museum and the science museum. We spent another day at valleyfair (similar to 6 flags park). We stayed in a hotel and ordered in pizza and generally had a great time.

Back on the home front Eric remains very busy putting up several greenhouses on our property.  He (and we) are anxious for them to be done.

We had to give away our chickens this year. With the greenhouse construction they couldn't remain in the fenced garden area. They refused to stay in their area and constantly wandered into the construction area  making it unsafe and unsanitary. We moved them out to the field below the house. The coyotes took over from there. One day there were about 50 chickens. then 40. then 12. then 5. at which point I didn't want to care for them anymore. We would put more time energy and money into 5 birds than we could get out of them IF the coyotes didn't get them first. So they went to a new home. We will try again next year in the old area inside the 6 foot fence where we never had issues before.  Because of this we have no roaster chickens in the freezer. No chicken breasts. we also have no eggs coming in. And because the greenhouse is where the garden was last year and its been so time consuming we had no garden this year so we have no veggies to freeze or can.  Very disappointing to buy chicken and eggs from the store.

I guess that's about all the news from lake woebegone. I will try to carve out more time to keep up this blog. I know I have things to say. I should probably try and find time to work on my book as well. but  the children need me and that doesn't leave as much time as I would like for those things. I'll try though.

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