A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sophie fell and broke her arm last week. That has kept me busy. She cried all day and since it wasnt obviously broken I assumed it would pass. It didnt. I took her to urgent care and they werent really sure but guessed it wasnt broken. The next day was more of the same as far as sophie crying and begging for pain meds. Totally unlike her. The doctor called and informed the the radiologist said her arm was NOT broken.  Several more days crying and pain. and through the weekend. I finally called her specialist in Philly. They asked me to send a copy of the x rays. In attempting to do so I was able to see the radiologist report and hear it as well. It was clearly broken! right where she said it hurt. Poor kid went a week with a broken arm and no cast! I quickly got her into clinic for casting before anything else happened to her arm.  One day with that cast and she informed me she would nearly get her hand out. it was too loose. Given her hand contractures she isnt exactly an easy kid to cast. Today we went to Ortho and had them cast it. She got pink cast. Got a script faxed to school so I dont have to keep running up there when she needs pain meds. I am hoping she can be status quo a while now and heal her arm. Of course the cast means she can no longer take herself to the bathroom. She needs assistance. She is at least perking up a little and having some fun between medication times. In the beginning she would mope all day and then cry for pain meds when they are starting to wear off..

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