A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, March 21, 2013

a day in the life

local ortho visit was a bust. she didnt want to cast. wanted to cut. its out motto- she's a surgeon, thats what they do. true to form she was wanting to go straight to cutting a bone out. Ben of course heard this and started crying thinking she was gonna do it right then and there. I assured him no one was taking his bones out. not now. not later. she also said the rotation in the foot is femoral. it isnt. we know this. its below the ankle. when his club feet are corrected(before they regress) they are straight! she said his hips are tight but fine. Apparently shriners was unable to send any records. so she had no info on previous plans from Dr Van Bosse. He now has an appointment to go back to Dr Van Bosse. Sophie has an appointment so they got them both in same day same time. Today Maia is home sick. She was up all night throwing up. I couldnt go to sleep after that so I have pretty much been up since about 1230 last night. I have my friends girls coming over tomorrow night for a sleepover. Im a sucker for cute little girls! they are so good though when they are here. should be fine. snow is still out there. not sure we wil see spring for a long time the way its going. late june probably! just 3 days ago we got about a fot of fresh powder. blah Im tired of winter I want spring. Had to put a bazillion dollars into my car this week. it was so hard to be without it while it was in the shop. Sophie missed therapy again because I had no car. but it runs now. life goes on. a bazillion dollars poorer. You know when they say they have to get the part from a ford dealer its gonna be spendy. I can barely keep my eyes open so I think I better take a nap.

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