A Dozen Good Eggs

Saturday, October 13, 2012

not really happy today. rant ahead, feel free to move along

dyed my hair. I dont think I like it. still stuck far from home. the management here is crazy. the food is not always great and sometimes doesnt show at all.  I dont sleep. I sent post cards and letters home and not one of my family sent any back. really feeling the love. NOT. many things I cant say here but stuff is on my mind. I wish I could take a nap. but that aint happening. Sophie is entertaining the local girl scout troop.  therapy dog friends come tomorrow. monday doctor again. thinking about if I should switch my flight. but its more $$ to switch and I need to have time to send home some stuff. Accumulated too much here and cant fit it all in bags to take it home. maybe I should just rent a car and start driving and hope I end up where I am supposed to be. but I probably wont.


  1. I wish I could jump in the car and come hang out with you for a day. No words that will make it any better but I am praying that soon you will be heading home!! The sacrifice you are making for your Ukrainian princess is priceless!

  2. Thanks Julia! Will miss seeing amc friends when I go.