A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, September 30, 2013


Cody is my first born son, the child that made me the thing I always wanted to be. A Mama. He is 19 now and in college at local community college. He did not enjoy high school but is very much enjoying college. He still lives at home with us. He is a great help. He has a special bond with Sophie. They are the bookends. He the oldest, she the youngest. She has him wrapped right around her little finger. He is a good kid who knows a lot of stuff. You would never know how much he knows though, because he keeps his cards close to his chest and doesn't talk a lot with people outside the family. He does talk freely with us. He teaches me new stuff all the time. He loves his grandma and takes the bus to her house every week to stay overnight and help her with anything she and grandpa can't do. He is quiet and doesn't put himself out there. He doesn't like crowds. but he seems happy.  he has no desire to drive. This means we have to deliver him wherever he goes. We live too far in the country for him to catch a bus from here.  He is funny and he is a tease like his grandfather. He is very loving and always has a hug for his Mama. He stands a foot and a half taller than me. I remember when he was a bit over 5 pounds. and now he is 6 feet tall. He is an amazing guy. I love him dearly.

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  1. I love that he helps his grandparents! What a neat kid.