A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, September 23, 2013


My sweet adorable benny  boy. Ben is 9almost  10. He has physical challenges like club feet and arthrogryposis. He requires multiple trips to Philadelphia a year to visit his doctor. He is very loving and sweet. He loves his Mama and is the last of the children who still hug Mama's leg. When someone is scaring him he will hug my leg and hide behind me. Melts my heart every time. Ben is also a very sensitive little boy. He is often moved to tears over something someone said that really wasn't a big deal. but to him it was. He shares a room with Andre and they don't sleep. After a particularly bad night, his regularly low ability to cope with life and the problems that arise becomes nearly nonexistent. bunchy socks is enough to set him over the edge.  A stern look, a request to do something difficult will have him in a puddle of tears. It is so sad and hurts my heart that he is so vulnerable. At the same time it is frustrating on my part to have to solve/help him solve every single conflict. He tells me he is never going to move away from me. He has recently been obsessed with death. Not in a disturbing way like thinking its interesting, but more like a young child grappling with his own mortality. He will often cry and worry about being away from me when one of us dies. This boy has such a soft spot in my heart. He may well never move out. He may live with us forever. He is so innocent. but I adore him and he has the cutest squishiest cheeks that I love to kiss. He came to us at age 5. even now at age 10 he functions at about 4-5 year old. I only wanted perfect kids at first when I planned our adoptions. Ben is nowhere near perfect, we knew that from the moment we committed to him. I cant imagine life without my sweet Bean.  He has a hard time learning, but teaches me every day. teaches me patience, unlimited love and devotion, persistence. Remember those pins that said my heart belongs to _____? My heart belongs to Ben. forever and ever he is my boy.  He is in third grade this year. He loves going to school, and even though its hard he tries and is making progress. Last year a boy picked on him. he turned that boy into his best friend. That's my Ben. No one meets him without walking away in love.

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  1. Somehow I missed some of your posts on your kids. Now I'm going to catch up! Loved this one on Ben :). He's precious!