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Thursday, May 2, 2013

another day, another......day

dr appointments for 2 kids today. Therapy for Sophie yesterday. Trialing a new walker. Her posture is much better in this walker than the other. it folds up nicer and easier and I only hope she can adjust to using it. I had to drive the kids to school last week because with all the melting snow the bus wouldnt be able to get in the driveway. Thankfully the culvert worked its magic and the driveway didnt flood but the upper part was pretty soggy. Its back to business as usual now and they are all off on the bus. Only about a month left of the school year. Last year at this time it was 70. this year Im still building a fire in the fireplace every day and there is STILL snowcover in places. Areas to the lsouth of us got several inches of snow yesterday and last night. Looking like the sun might peek out today but it just isnt getting that warm yet. Sophie and Ben and I are heading to Philly again next week. Since our visit to the ocal ortho doctor was fruitless I guess we will be having to run to philly for casting. Lakeisa and Mikayla will be there and Michelle and Britt and baby A will be in town too. Then there's always our good friend and ray of sunshine Becky. I look forward to our Philly trips. I dont really have any close friends here. but I see a lot of great people when I go to Philly. Mostly they are moms of kids with special needs so we sort of "get" each other. Chrysta is still at her dads, still in turmoil. I think she is going to move back here. She will definitely be going to counseling every week. Relationships are very difficult for her. She called last night and talked to her brothers and sisters. they were so happy to chat with her. It has been so hard on them for her to go. They think she doesn't love them, that's why she left us. Still trying to figure out the bedroom situation with her returning. I could just put her back where she was, with Sophie, but Im not sure thats the best place for her. I dont have any more bedrooms. She will stay down there until the end of the school year so she will not lose the year. She will not have as many choices as she did down there. but such is the consequence of rash decisions. I dont write much here as I get so busy. Dr appointments, school appointments, errands, therapies, spelling words, dinners, showers and beds and then I sit down and try to watch tv and fall asleep. The pharmacy frequently drops different meds off their autorefill list so I am running to the pharmacy several times a month too. I guess I have been away from my blog for too long because I dont even know what to write. Time to dig out those blog prompts!

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