A Dozen Good Eggs

Friday, May 24, 2013

an amazing thing

An amazing thing has been happening here. Sophie has been working very hard in therapy and at home. She can walk in a walker now and cruise around furniture but she has started to walk between furniture. and walk long distances such as room to room if you hold her hand. watching her walk is amazing. I can hold her hand and walk with her just like other parents. she and we get to be normal for a few minutes. Its so great. She is so proud. We are proud of her too. I will write to her birth grandmother and share this news. They will be thrilled. We will order her a walker, she is not yet walking independently with no support. we tried several and finally found one we like. Works well for her and doesnt work against her and it folds compactly. some of the others are HUGE! I imagine in a year or so she will not need it but if she does that will be a-ok. we are just happy she is has come this far. the rest will come. I know it. but finally after years of tears and trials she is making big progress!


  1. That is amazing news! She has been through so much to get to this point...and so have you!!! How about a video ;)?

  2. Wow!!!!! Wow!!! GO Sophie Go!!

  3. Julia and Erin I posted a link to video in the next post up.