A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, November 25, 2012

not much to report

moved the toys to back bedroom and seems to be working. Going to put up the christmas tree in the living room. Two actually. In order to have enough room for all our ornaments we have to put up TWO. I also got us a little elf named Caroline. Diana found her at a thrift store. Not your typical red and white shelf elf. she is gold and greenblue and CLEARLY a girl. today she knocked all the books off the shelf and looked very smug about it. The kids thought it was fun. They all know the truth about presents and where they come from. but it was a bit of fun.  Eric took 3 kids to museum today. one kid is at grandma's. and one is at friends house. so that leaves four at home. niiiice quiet. so quiet and strange I am not even sure what to do with myself. so I made carrot cake from some carrots that Eric grew in the garden. I havent been feeling great so he is going to pick up some groceries for me on his way home.  Psych appt for one of the boys on Tuesday morn. Tuesday night is a FASD support meeting. Weds PT/OT and somewhere in there I gotta get the van fixed.

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