A Dozen Good Eggs

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

after crying all night long sophie continues to whine and cry. generally she isnt getting her way and is using her feet as a tool to get what she wants. when she gets what she wants she does fine for a little while but then says she wants to take off straps/boots and when I say no she goes back to wailing. starts with a whimper. ends with ooowwweeeeee. ooooowwwwwweeeee.

she is weak and doesnt want to do any work either. work like sitting up. she only wants to lie down. life is not fun with her right now. how is she going to sit in her chair all day at school? I dont know.....


  1. It is so hard to make these medical choices for our kids that cause them pain and suffering in the short run but benefit them for the rest of there lives. Not unlike God our heavenly father in some ways with us..huh?
    When we were at our worst with O I would pray for grace for the next 15 minutes. I took each moment and tried to stretch my calm, my patience and helpfulness for 15 minutes. There are days we can only take moment by moment. Praying grace for you and relief for you BOTH! HUGS!

  2. thanks for the support. its so hard to take each step with her knowing that while it means a leap forward long term it means a big step back in short term.

  3. Hi Poor baby and poor mommy good luck Pat