A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Why does a boy who willingly and purposefully destroys most everything he puts his hands on sobs his heart out because his balloon flew away!


  1. It's a deep philosophical question! xD

  2. Probably because he controls the other things being damaged and gone. But the balloon "flew away" from him. He can't control that.Maybe it reminds him of earlier times in his life when he lost things he had no control over. I don't know. But as a parent I understand your frustration. ugh.

  3. I was going to comment the exact same thing as The Malinowskis but for some reason didn't. :) Things he does and doesn't have control over. Just a thought...
    How is the house/ land hunt going? Have you found any solutions to your "sneaky finger" child? (When you planted a nickle.)

  4. we made an offer on a house. the sneaky children were lectured. not that it will do any good. and I learned not to leave money around. I have to hide my stuff and hide it good. I dont like that but if I want to keep it its what I have to do for now. Our bedroom is thoroughfare to the shower. which compounds the problem. new house will have ONE access to MY ROOM and MY BATHROOM THAT I WILL NOT SHARE. hopefully that will help them understand that they need to stay out. boy who cried about balloon has long been a destroyer. been with us since less than age 2. I appreciate the comment about control because he IS a control freak. I call him the fun police. he has to be in charge of the way everything goes and if it doesnt go that way because we put our foot down or nature takes its course then its "you all hate me!" blah. the funny thing is this is the one adopted at not quite two, and yet the one adopted at 9 does not have this issue.