A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 14: A website you like to visit.

I go to many websites but some of my favorites are Reecesrainbow.org and www.147millionorphans.com

Both regard orphans. One helps to find adoptive families to adopt kids with speical needs. one helps those left behind by selling products to support those children left as orphans. My favorite tshirt says 147million orphans.....feed 1.

I have a heart for orphans. We adopted 7 of them. Many people say to me we just cant afford the high costs of adoption. it isnt that we couldnt raise one, we just cant pay the fees involved to get one home. and yet they drive a fancy car and buy a new boat or big gas grill, etc. We chose to forgo those things. we used our credit cards, savings, donations, and many people do fundraisers(we didnt). we drive older cars, our only boat is a canoe. we dont own a gas grill. we dont drink lattes. I want to shake people and say you can afford two fancy cars and a boat but you cant afford to save the life of a child? really? perhaps those arent the kinds of people who should be adopting, but I so tire of hearing well we just dont have that kind of money laying around. NO ONE DOES! do you think we had the money laying around to go adopt FOUR at one time? no. absolutely not. but if you are willing to go into hoc for a boat, why not a child? get a loan. get a grant. get your church to help you(alexis you have an awesome church go get that baby!)fundraise. use your credit card. stop buying lattes and save the money. it doesnt all come due at once, it comes due in bits and pieces. first the home study. then dossier costs. dossier mailing costs. then comes the bulk of it in facilitator and travel costs. then a wee bit more at the embassy and you are done! there are so many deserving kids who NEED a home. a place to know love and family. A place to grow with guidance. If you see a child on reecesrainbow.org that moves you to adopt, www.147millionorphans.com also has a fundraising kit. you can sell their tshirts, they sell them to you at cost allowing you to save the difference for your adoption. there are 147 MILLION kids without homes and families and people who love them. Isnt every child deserving of love? maybe you or someone you know can make a difference in the lives of some of these children. Maybe you will buy from 147millionorphans.com maybe you will donate to a child or a family on reecesrainbow.org maybe you will adopt one or more kids and make them your own. maybe you will tell everyone you know about these two websites and ask them to help too. Every child deserves a famiy. a home. love. can you deny them?


  1. I know exactly what you are talking about. We only have 1 adopted child and possible we will adopt again. When we decided to adopt we had many of those comments from others about not being able to afford it etc. To raise the money my husband and I worked jobs in the oilpatch for 15+ hours a day three weeks out of a month. Then we had a share in the sale of a summer cabin that we used. We used it all and had none left over. My own brother commented that he could think of a thousand different things to use his money for than adopt and that instead of me wasting my money I should invest it. Lets just say I blew a gasket. :) My comments to him were not very nice and included that his definition of "investing" was different than mine. I invested (And you have invested) to save a child, a life, a future. You continue to invest in the lives of your children and 100 years from now thats the investment thats been worthwhile. 100 years from now nobody will care about how big a boat, house, bank account a person had. 100 years from now my great grandchild will be able to tell the story about how their grandma came all the way from Kazakhstan etc. etc. I love saying that to people...100 years from now will it make a difference? It sure made a difference to Oksana and to your children too. :) I love the site Reeces Rainbow as well...though I do honestly wish that some of the agencies used to bring forth adoptions and even the travel costs were not as high. If an airline set aside 10 seats a month for adoptive families to go to and from, does it REALLY make that big of a difference on their quota? They could use it as charitable donations, writeoffs. Adoptive families would save thousands in just flight costs. :) Just a thought.


  2. maybe you should write to airlines and mention it!

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