A Dozen Good Eggs

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


at 430 this morning it was lighter outside than it was at 745. it was very dark outside! the street lights were on. the rains came, along with winds and thunder and lightning. kids were getting all panicky so I took them downstairs for a couple games of Uno. they forgot all about the weather.

Once the weather let up we had planned to go to St Cloud to shop but that didnt happen. everyone usually loves shopping day. but they were all so ornery I said forget it. I dont need the stress and punishment of taking 6 kids to the store while they crab at each other and me about every little thing. So I called it off. I will go alone another day. Maybe tomorrow. I was really looking forward to shopping day with them. but now I am just mad. they are mad. some are sulking in their rooms, some are off playing other things. but no one is going shopping now. Maybe next time they will be able to talk civilly to each other and myself. tough love. sucks for me too. Oh the joys of parenthood.


  1. Hi there. While reading an article about a Ukrainian orphanage, I noticed that one of the children in the photos looks just like one of your sons. I thought you might be interested. See link. You'll have to enlarge the photos.

  2. Oh that is definitely my Ben! thanks!!!! What a gift to see him so much younger!

  3. Is it possible to "rise above" your kiddos today and be the person you want THEM to be? This is NOT about judging you...only a suggestion. I know it's not easy to parent so many children, but my memories of my own Mom and how SHE set the tone for the entire family, make me wonder. When Mom was happy and in a good mood, everyone else in the family was happy. And, when she was having a hard day...well...we ALL had a hard day!

    Are the kids responding with negative behavior, because You are "crazy busy" with getting ready to bring home FOUR more children? It sounds like your one little guy is showing some regression as a result of having Mama gone for a long time AND the fact that you are leaving again.

    How I wish I lived next door (or even 20 miles away), so I could be there to help your family with this huge transition!! I would be lovin' on your kids and helping you to get the house ready for the new sisters and brothers!!

    I think it would be Awesome for the kids at home if you could gather them together and give them a group hug and tell them that tomorrow is a New day and that you can all go shopping then!! I believe they would be so happy for the rest of the day and ALL of you would have a happy day Today AND Tomorrow.

    I'll be Praying That You will find that Special Mama "energy" inside...so that everyone can have a Wonder-Full Summer day!

    With Love ~ Jo XXOO

  4. could be could be. Hard to say. Maybe I just havent gotten enough sleep and it was premature to even think about making the trip. But I so missed being home and in MY LIFE HERE that I just wanted to go do the things we do. One kid always has issues. you can tell him anything, nice or not and he has a problem with it. one kid dawdles ALWAYS. one is a pmsing barely teen. the other teen doesnt USUALLY want to go but DID want to go this time and that meant pmsing barely teen had to share the front seat. so it just spiraled. thanks for your thoughts.