A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, July 12, 2010

no eight is not enough

we now have ten! we are now the parents of 12 children! I havent been keeping up THIS blog because I have been in Ukraine for 5 weeks working through mountains of paperwork to adopt 4 kids there. I do still have to return there to finish things up and bring home the kids but we are currently back home dealing with the daily life around here while we wait out the ten day wait. soon life around here is going to EXPLODE with activity and noise and food consuming. We have to finish the bunks for the girls, get the bunks up for the boys. Also have to get a set of bunks for the other boys so they will all fit in that room. need to work on organisation and clearing out and simplifying. Half a loaf of bread fed the kids lunch today but I realised that that will no longer be the case soon! an entire loaf of bread will be consumed in lunches! Ordering everyone backpacks for school with their names on them so we can keep track of them all. Working hard to get in the habit of doing dishes each meal so there isnt a backlog after dinner. need to get these new routines established NOW before I am inundated with children and dirty dishes!


  1. Congratulations! I hope all goes well as all of you adjust to your brand new (expanded) life!

  2. thanks! hey! you are just the gal I need to talk to! to make laundry soap do I need a specially dedicated pot? will anything cooked in the pot forever taste like soap if I dont?

  3. Congratulations!!! WOW!! 12 blessings!!

    God bless,
    Amy <><