A Dozen Good Eggs

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Busy Weekend!

I decided on Friday to paint the kitchen this weekend. Eric had to work so it was perfect timing

Satuday we taped and painted one big wall with a passthrough window. Some kids went trick or treating with their friends. the rest of us stayed home and watched a movie after eating pizza and eating ice cream.
Today, Sunday, we tackled clearing off the cabinet tops and painting those walls. I am hoping to get oak faceplates for the outlets to be uniform with the rest of the house. Slowly, slowly, 4 years after moving in, we are claiming it and making it our own. 

Because we had the kitchen torn apart and had to put it all back together, dinner was a bit late getting going. This means the Sunday night crunch is even crunchier.  2 more kids left to shower. Some are still eating. I'm exhausted.

Tomorrow its back to school. back to laundry. But for todays scheduled activities, stuff got done. one of the benches broke so I am trying to figure a plan for seating. so far my options are,  buy a bench, paint a bench I already have.  Next up is boys bedroom and girls bedroom.

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