A Dozen Good Eggs

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Been a while since I posted here. Life is going at breakneck speed.as usual. Cody is going to community college. Chrysta went back to her dads. Sophie is WALKING like crazy. Ben is still sweet adorable Ben. Andre is getting easier. Jaeger has hit puberty(oh what fun!) Natasha is growing like crazy, turning into a beautiful young lady. Ethan finished occupational therapy. Maia is doing better, but still not herself. Diana is a sassy funny thing.

Still working on the FAS clinic. Feedback appointment is today for one.  Sophie Andre and Ethan have been going to occupational therapy and speech for the last several months. Ethan is finished now. Andre and sophie still go. Ethan is not at all happy about it.  Everyone else wants a turn to go to therapy. Its funny ow they still have this mentality of whats fair. Maia and Jaeger are to start counseling. and Diana wants to know why she cant go too? My kids are so weird. they LOVE doctor appointments. even if there are shots. they scream bloody murder with shots but they love appointments.

My sweet friend keeps sending my post cards and letters. I love getting them!  They made a long cold winter a little brighter. It has been a biter cold and deep snow winter. Spring is finally here. Sunny and bright. melting like crazy. warming up. Kids are so happy to not have to wear snowpants every day. Boots are soaking wet all the time as they tramp through puddles and melting snowbanks.

We are growing lettuce via aquaponics. it is fun to have fresh lettuce for dinner! We hope someday it will work its way into a home business for our special boys. For now it provides yummy fresh lettuce for the family.  

Early in the winter our greenhouse collapsed under the weight of heavy wet snow. I had to evacuate my chickens and give them away. I had nowhere else to keep them. Thankfully a local family outdoors business took them. I miss my big red rooster. as scary as he was as mean as he was I loved hearing him crow every morning. way better than any alarm clock. will start over with new chicks this year. Hoping to clear some land for some livestock. A cow maybe, some goats is what I really want, some sheep. First we have to wait for the FEET of snow to go down. right now we just sink in it.

Maybe I will find some time to post here more often. I stopped because I felt like all I could eek out was negative stuff. complaints. Summer sun always perks me up. Maybe I will have a little more positive to say.


  1. Welcome Back! Thanks for stopping by too!

  2. I love your blog! We are actually in Bulgaria right now adopting a 9 year old with arthrogryposis.

  3. Kelly! welcome to the club! very exciting!