A Dozen Good Eggs

Monday, April 23, 2012

Preparing for a rough summer

Maybe it wont be as bad as I think. Sophie and I will be headed to Philly for a big surgery that is planned for June 6. Hopefully she stays healthy till then. Took almost a year to get this surgery date. Sophie will be getting herself an Ilizarov External Fixator. Or as I generally refer to it, an ex fix. Life as we know it is about to change. Sophie will no longer be able to scoot. She will wear the fixator for probably 3 months. this will straighten out her knees. Unfortunately we have to stay close to philly for the first month. So Sophie and I will be hanging in Philly for the month of June. July 4 is usually my favorite holiday but we have missed it several times in recent years and looks like I will miss it again this year. That makes me sad. I am sad to think of leaving my babies for a month. they will grow and change and I wont be here to see it. but Queenie must have this surgery if she is to walk. Sophie is going to be a handful during that time. I know this. I will be the only one to deal with it. the only one to take care of everything. of course I wont have to take care of anyone else in that month. but she can be a lot of work. I dont know how everyone at home will survive. then again maybe I am not so indispensable as I think I am. the girls know how to do laundry. they all know how to do dishes. some know how to cook a few things. they all know how to make a sandwich. I guess they will live. So many things I wanted to do this summer and now I wont be able to do it all of june. Hopefully July will be better and we will be home and can still see and do some things.


  1. Our doctor at Sinai Medical Center has created an internal fixator. He hasn't made one small enough for O's femur yet, but hopes to have it manufactured in the next 6-8 months. Once it's in, it stays in between lengthenings. We have one more ex-fix on the tibia the internal doesn't work on (needs rotating and lengthening). Praying for your summer. We've put ours off one more year as we aren't ready yet. Praying for other families to be a source of strength, joy and FUN while you stay in Philly!

  2. thanks. Im ready. She is ready. Im tired of hauling her around I want her to get up and walk she wants to get up and run. its what will go on here in my absence that worries me.